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Anne, the forbidden archives, romance, and research

Floating books in the “forbidden archives” in the episode, “Agony of Grea”

Hello everyone! I’d like to talk about two of my favorite anime series: Manaria Friends and Little Witch Academia. I wrote about Little Witch Academia before, but I haven’t mentioned Manaria Friends, so I saw this as an opportunity to do so!

In the Manaria Friends episode “Agony of Grea,” Anne travels to the “forbidden archives” of the library to get a book to help Grea. Again, this is a confusion of archives and libraries, just like in Lore Olympus, the Star Wars franchise, and Amphibia. The Wikipedia episode description doesn’t help in this regard, declaring: “Grea is suddenly struck with a high fever and Anne goes through the “forbidden” archives of the library trying to find a way to cure her.” Some said that this reminded them of their dreams.

The episode begins with a character coming in with “forbidden” books given to her by a librarian at the desk after she told the librarian it was an emergency. Then, Anne, a Princess, runs to the library to find an answer. She travels through the deep bowels of the archives with her servant, what one character calls “the forbidden archives of the library,” traveling down hallways, through floating books, magical forests, and stepping through the air with her magic, to continue and find answers, even jumping into the water. She tries to gather more and more information as she goes forward, as it flows through her hand. They get a shortcut to the library, blasting inside, and scramble to find the medicines to help Grea in whatever way possible.

Anne returns in time and looks at Grea with shock. She learns that Grea was just molting a new tail. While she says that she was unable to do anything to help Grea, and holds the skin of her tail, showing that she still loves her a lot. The final parts of the episode show people at the magic academy trying to fix the damage to the library caused by Anne’s entry and Anne tells that Grea’s tail looks great, which embarrasses her even more, causing her to leave.

Reference archives in “Blue Moon”

In another of my favorite series, Little Witch Academia, there are two episodes that focus on archives. In the first of these “Blue Moon,” Diana travels to the reference archives of the magic academy she attends to learn more about an important legend. The archives are in a hidden crypt and the book she looks at is dusty. The archives is deserted and she is the only one who is there, getting to the book by using her broom with a lantern at the end, as the room is dark. More awful stereotypes. I hate to see them. It makes me sad to see them in an animated series. Don’t those producing these series know better?

Reference archives in “Samhain Magic Festival,” with Ursula on a broom looking for the right item

Then, there’s the episode “Samhain Magic Festival.” In this episode, Prof. Ursula travels to the same reference archives, looking for a specific object in order to help Akko but has a hard time finding it. She goes back and finds out from a spirit that the monster is sad because of the Seed of Sadness. Go archives! So, that’s a positive!

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