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Archives in…Carmen Sandiego?

Now, this was something I was not expecting. In the final season of Carmen Sandiego, Julia “Jules” Argent, who has retired from her job as an archaeology professor at an unnamed university, returns to a shadowy agency known as ACME or the Agency to Capture and Monitor Evildoers. Anyway, the Chief gives Jules a mission of finding Carmen Sandiego’s mother. We see the record room of the headquarters in a few episodes, like the final episode, “The Dark Red Caper,” which is shown above. She is going through stacks of paper and undoubtedly archival records along with it! Unfortunately, we don’t see the records that closely, so they aren’t that detailed, but I still enjoyed that part.

This isn’t the only episode in this season of Carmen Sandiego which features the record room. In the episode before this, “The Viennese Waltz Caper,” the Chief gives Jules a research project she says would be of interest to her: finding out about Carmen’s mother! Jules, who probably has a crush on Carmen and feels that Carmen is a force of good, happily agrees to this. We later see her going through more records, with her project interrupted as she goes on a trip to Austria, in an attempt to find Carmen. What follows is a heist for VILE that is successful because Carmen has been brainwashed to join them. Oh no!

This is not the first time records appeared in the series, although, admittedly, not in an archival context. In the previous season, Carmen searched for her both in Buenos Aires, looking through a safety deposit box, and there are still loose ends, unfortunately. And in a season before that, she looks through VILE’s case files, which have ended up in the ocean. But that’s about it, when it comes to archivy themes. I’ll end this episode with a screenshot of Jules in the ACME record room in the episode “The Viennese Waltz Caper”:

The final episode of the series, “The Dark Red Caper,” Carmen is handed a file which Jules put together, with this information, with Shadowsan giving her a choice of where to go forward with her life. She opens the file and meets her mom at the end of the episode. What a victory for archives, records, and everything in-between!

By histhermann

Marylander with MLIS who loves archives, libraries, genealogy, reviewing pop culture, and writing fictional stories. UMD '19 & SMCM '16 grad. I've been running various WordPress blogs for a while now, about genealogy, libraries, archives, and more.

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