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Missing records, love, and mystery in “Bloom Into You”

Yuu in the student council record room

For today’s post, I thought I’d look at the sixth episode of one of my favorite yuri anime, Bloom Into You (called Yagate Kimi ni Naru in romanized Japanese), titled “Words Kept Repressed / Words Used to Repress,” where a record room in the Student Council building is shown and is a key part of the episode itself. For this post, I’m using the subtitled version rather than the dubbed version, since I prefer subs to dubs, but that’s a discussion for another day.

In the episode, Yuu talks to Sayaka, who tells her that Touko is so wrapped up in the stage show because of what happened to the Student Council president seven years prior and entreats Yuu to investigate it. She goes back to the Student Council building’s records room [1] and finds that the whole book with records for that year is missing… I wonder why? Dun dun dun! She later locks up the student council building, after getting a key from her teacher (who will be mentioned later in this post) and determines that someone removed the documents specifically from seven years ago for a “specific reason,” although she doesn’t know what that reason is yet.

Oh no, the records are missing!

Later in the day, after her class ends, she goes to a records room, which you could call a records center or a repository more broadly, at her high school to do some more investigation. A teacher (basically like a records custodian) comes in to ask if she found what she was looking for and she says no. He also seems perplexed that the records are missing as well (he should have done better records management?). She thinks about it more while sitting behind the desk at her family’s bookstore, asking herself, “even the records in the main building are missing?” This is a case even worse than the deletion of records about the clone army by then Jedi Dooku, later named Count Dooku! There is no Jocasta Nu to declare that if records aren’t there they don’t exist, an obvious falsehood, so that’s good.

Yuu digging for records in a records room at her school

As she wonders why the records are missing, she wonders whether Touko is behind the disappearance of the records. She is about to text her friend when her sister Rei walks in, so she asks her to help her figure out who was the student council president seven years ago. Rei’s old school friend replies later and tells her that the president was Mio Nanami. The following day, she asks the same teacher who was the sort of records custodian and finds out that Mio was Touko’s elder sister who tragically died in a traffic accident right before the cultural festival that year! She also learns that Mio was idolized by her peers and that the stage show that year was called off because of Mio’s death, never performed again in any years that followed,  and he claims that Touko is like her sister in some ways. After hearing this, Yuu denies it is a possibility that the sisters are alike, remembering her time with Touko, who she has romantic feelings for. Later in the episode, she talks with Touko about her late sister, admitting she asked about her at school. This surprises Touko because she, in her words, “tried to keep it hidden,” referring to the story about her sister. Yuu asks Touko if she would consider not doing the stage show and tells her that she doesn’t have to be “someone else,” as she is, from Yuu’s perspective, pushing herself too hard. She implores Touko that she should be herself because people will have affection for her real self. When she is about to express her love, Touko recalls her late sister’s passing, leading to her to adopt her “sister’s persona,” with people calling her special, while she is afraid to show her “real self” around anyone but Yuu. Ultimately, Yuu agrees to be at Touko’s side, claiming she doesn’t/never will love her (we all know she does). At the end of the episode, they end up holding hands as they walk home together, while Touko says she loves Yuu, as she has various times before. Additionally, Yuu admits, in her inner monologue that she lied to Touko because she is lonely and makes clear that she loves Touko too.

By the end of the episode, we don’t get direct confirmation from Touko that she took the records from the records room in the Student Council building and the school’s records room. [2] However, it is obvious that she did so, as she wanted that part of her past to be “hidden,” so she had a motivation for keeping the records. This does raise a bunch of questions about records management. Isn’t there anyone who checks the school’s records room and keeps tabs on the materials there? How did no one notice the missing records? Are there any other records that are missing from the room? None of these questions, however, apply to the records at the Student Council building because Touko has been on the Student Council long enough that she could have nabbed the records at any time. Since Touko is a second-year high school student, she presumably stole the records from both locations sometime in the past two years, which could account for why the disappearance wasn’t noticed. Overall, this episode connects with a lot more archives/archival themes than I thought originally. This upcoming week or the week that follows that I may write up posts look at some archivists in webcomics with LGBTQ characters, so look forward to that! As always, suggestions for other popular media that have archives, archives, or related themes, are welcome.


[1] The same room was also shown in the fourth episode, “The Distance Between Fondness and Kisses / Not One of the Characters.” In that episode, there is a scene where Yuu is putting away files, along with Sayaka and later in the episode, Maki talks to Sayaka in that room about her insecurities, when it comes to Touko.

[2] Although, when she says that she wanted to keep the story hidden, this is indirect confirmation she took the records.

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